Small Removals Newcastle

Searching for the best small removals in Newcastle?  Newcastle Man and Van has been in operation since 2012 and continues to provide a personal experience with flawless, safe and careful moving.

Newcastle Man and Van
Newcastle Man and Van is a powerful local brand

When I started Newcastle Man and Van in 2012, I was fit and ready to help people move across town using my Hyundai iLoad van.  And it was a really great experience to meet people who were moving and be able to help them.

But was always only going to be a side project of mine.  So when other opportunities arose and I accepted the challenges on offer – my attention drifted away from small removals in Newcastle.

So that brings me to where I am today – ready to move on and pass thew website and concept onto the next person.  It’s genuinely a great system, and I have enjoyed a steady flow of work whenever I needed it – I can dial up the orders just as I can turn them off when I am busy on other things.

If this sounds like a great start up business for yourself or someone you know – maybe its time we had a chat’ You can contact me by email with your offer and vision and I can help you with re-branding the site and adding an order form, calendar and scheduling facility.  Clients can pay online, upfront, and you can get more work.